Sweet Grass Hills - West Butte, Montana


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At any particular time we can have openings for rig operators, rig workers, heavy equipment operators, electricians, mechanics, roustabouts, pumpers, gas plant operators, welders and office workers. In many cases there may future opportunities to move to different jobs within the organization or to a supervisory position.

We offer competitive wages and benefits for employees. Among the benefits currently offered is full medical insurance for employees and dependents once the probationary period has been satisfied. We currently pay 100% of the health insurance premiums and also contribute money each month to the HSA (Health Savings Account) of each eligible employee.

We have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs and for alcohol on the job. We test in accordance with DOT standards and will immediate terminate any employee who violates this policy. If you currently have a substance abuse problem there is no point in applying for employment.

All of our drivers have their driving records (including non-moving violations) reviewed by our insurance carrier and if our insurance carrier will not insure you, we can’t employ you. If you have a bad driving history, there is no point in applying for employment.

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