Sweet Grass Hills - West Butte, Montana


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Nearly all financial and administrative matters are handled in Texas.

Invoices are processed and approved in Montana and sent to Texas for payment.

Payroll and Benefits:
Employee records are maintained in Texas and payroll is run out of Texas.  Time cards are sent from Montana to Texas.  Paychecks are direct deposited for those who wish and the rest are paid by checks.  Employee Benefits are administered out of Texas.

Filing of Federal and State Production Reports:
All production reports with the Federal Government and State are filed from Texas with support as necessary from Montana as to the correct production.

All royalty matters are handled from Texas including all dealings with royalty owners.
All Federal, State, and Fee royalty is paid from Texas.

Joint Interest Matters:
All joint interest matters are handled from Texas.  The operations in Montana do not differentiate in any way between properties owned solely by Somont and properties in which we have partners.

Environmental Reports:
Air Quality Bureau reports, Water Quality Bureau reports, etc. are all filed from Texas with support as necessary from Montana.

Most negotiations regarding leases and property acquisition are handled in Texas with support as necessary from Montana.  Sometimes it is more appropriate for the Montana personnel to initiate discussions and conduct negotiations because of personal relationships and on those occasions, support is provided as necessary from Texas.

Most negotiations regarding equipment and supplies are handled by the appropriate parties in Montana.

Handling third party disputes:
If a dispute cannot be resolved informally between the Montana staff and the third party, the matter will be handled by the Texas office.

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