Sweet Grass Hills - West Butte, Montana


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We own and operate about 75 natural gas producing wells. We have partners going back over 20 years in many of the gas wells that we operate and to date have never had a cross word with any of them.

We own and operate a sweet gas processing facility - The Ferdig Plant - which has been in operation for over 20 years. We gather sweet gas from over 90 wells in the area and compress it, take out the liquids, and sell it into the interstate pipeline system.  We operate about 70 of the wells feeding the Ferdig Plant and have an ownership interest in all of the wells that we operate. This gas area is in the west end of our operations and we sell about 1500 dkt/day from this area. Most of our gas wells are stripper wells but we do have several that produce over 100 mcfd.

We also own and operate a sour gas processing facility (an amine unit) - the Morton Plant - which was put into operation several years ago and continues to be expanded and upgraded at the present time. This facility is located about 20 miles east of the Ferdig Plant near the dome of the Kevin-Sunburst field and much of the gas processed in the Morton Plant is associated gas from the Madison formation. The incoming gas stream is compressed, sweetened, has its liquids removed, and is sold into the interstate pipeline system.

The Morton Plant is relatively sophisticated because we have not only traditional sour gas to treat (H2S) but also have very large quantities of CO2 (up to 35%) which must be removed. We are in the process of upgrading the system to include a membrane unit to preferentially remove CO2 before the gas stream enters the amine unit. The end result of this upgrade should be that we will be able to deliver in the ballpark of 700 mcfd of pipeline quality gas from this plant.

We own and operate most of the wells that feed the Morton Plant.

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