Sweet Grass Hills - West Butte, Montana



Somont Oil Co., Inc. is a small family owned company operating primarily on the Kevin Dome in Toole County, Montana. Our roots go back to the 1920's with the discovery of oil in Toole County's Kevin-Sunburst Oil Field and we have operated continuously since that time.

Somont's business is to drill and operate stripper oil wells and gas wells, and to operate natural gas gathering and processing facilities.

Our line of business is Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction.

Our business philosophy has evolved over the years to be quite simple which is to confine our activities to the geographic area of north-central Montana and avoid becoming involved with any projects in which we are not the operator.

We operate and maintain all of our oil & gas wells, gas plants, and gathering systems with very little outside contracting.

We have the largest acreage position on the Kevin Dome and with essentially all of our acreage held by production, we are well situated for any future deep exploration work third party farmees may wish to consider. Most of our properties are held without depth restrictions and our only interest as an operator is in the shallow horizons. Key employees are given the opportunity to receive performance based bonuses when economic conditions permit.

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