Sweet Grass Hills - West Butte, Montana


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Somont Oil Co., Inc. is a small family owned company operating primarily in Toole County, Montana. Our roots go back to the 1920’s with the discovery of oil in Toole County’s Kevin-Sunburst Oil Field and we have operated continuously since that time. Prior to about 1985 we were exclusively involved with oil production but over the past 20+ years we have also gotten involved with all phases of natural gas from the well up to entry into the interstate pipeline system.

Somont’s business is to drill and operate stripper oil wells and gas wells and to operate natural gas gathering and processing facilities. At the present time we operate about 400 oil wells and 75 gas wells from which we produce about 300 barrels of oil per day and 2 mmscfd of gas. Most of the oil wells are under 2000’ deep and most of the gas wells are under 3000’ deep. We also operate two natural gas processing facilities and their associated gathering systems.

Somont’s primary and secondary oil production is from a mature field with nearly all wells produced using sucker rod pumps. We operate one waterflood and also operate several electric submersible pumps for high water volume wells.

We currently operate one sweet gas processing facility and one sour gas processing facility along with over 100 miles of gathering lines. The sweet gas processing facility has been in operation for over 20 years and its product is marketed into the interstate pipeline system. This plant sells about 1.5 mmscfd. The sour gas processing facility has been in operation for several years and is in the process of being upgraded so that it can handle more feedstock. It currently is capable of processing about .5 mmscfd that is marketed into the interstate pipeline system.

We operate and self maintain all of our oil and gas wells and our gas plants and gathering systems with very little outside contracting. We have approximately forty employees engaged in all facets of the business including engineering, office specialists, well service crews, electricians, mechanics, gas plant operators, pipeline welders, industrial coating applicators, oil and gas well pumpers, roustabouts, and heavy equipment operators of all sorts.

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